Identify Skills

Identify your unique skills so you can do what you do well more often

Surface Patterns

Surface patterns in data that lead to high impact ideas

Avoid Risks

Customized alerts ensure that unintended risks are quickly identified and opportunities are fully monetized

Connect your portfolios to Madrone and leverage the power of advanced data analytics to improve investment and marketing performance. Root Analytics easily aggregates market, business, and portfolio data into a common and unified model to ensure a strong and flexible foundation for data discovery.


Attribution empowers the user to explore sources of return and related exposure for any product, account, or aggregation of accounts. Users can customize mappings, drilldown to positions, export charts, and download data to excel.


Team Management

Measure analyst impact and contribution to the return, volatility, and net exposure goals of your portfolio. Ensure compensation is data-driven to improve employee retention.


Portfolio Construction

Identify unintended risks based on quantitative, technical, and behavioral factors (or models).



Understand how your portfolio performs relative to standard and custom benchmarks. Break down results into skills to highlight the unique attributes of your investment process.

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