We're a team of quants, coders, and finance experts focused on improving how money is managed.

Our Values

We work for our customers

Building great products that empower our customers to succeed is our mission. We are fulfilled when our customers are happy.

We're creative

Innovation only happens when smart people step outside their comfort zone and think differently. We celebrate unique ideas.

We make the complex simple

More data is not always more helpful. Great analytics products do the heavy lifting to make sense of data so users can focus on performing their job better.

We work hard and are humble

Building a company is hard work and we are humbled by the opportunity to change how money flows in asset management.

We learn from each other

Our team brings their best effort every day and we are all teachers and students.

We value diversity

The world is simply more interesting when surrounded by unique and varied people. We are building our team with this in mind because it will help us create impactful products that serve our diverse customer base well.

Open Positions

Position Location
Data Analyst San Francisco Bay Area Details
Inside Sales San Francisco Bay Area Details
Sales / Business Development New York Details
Senior Quantitative Researcher San Francisco Bay Area Details
Software Developer (Python) San Francisco Bay Area Details