Our Mission

Madrone's mission is to give investors a clear picture of their portfolios and businesses so they can make smart data driven decisions. We do this by delivering a fast, visual, and interactive analytics solution to understand how teams behave and portfolios are optimized.

Our Story

How can it be that elite athletes hire coaches and utilize data to improve performance while a large number of elite asset managers rely on intuition, gut instinct and superficial statistics? This question along with a sobering night reading RFPs and consultant research reports on asset managers led to the creation of Madrone. We believe that we can replace qualitative and subjective decisions that do not scale with a data driven platform. This cloud based platform will profoundly change how capital flows between institutions, assets are managed, and people are compensated.

Our team came together to offer all investors the same cutting edge data tools available at the leading alternative asset management companies where we worked. We are witnessing investment strategies becoming global, business management getting complex due to rising regulatory scrutiny, and new data sets becoming available as a result of improving technology. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities created by these trends, we brought together experts in finance, computer science, machine learning, and design to support exceptional money managers who want to review their “game tapes” to refine their craft and improve their skills. The marketplace is demanding a new analytics platform as the walls break down between public and private managers, and between institutional investors and asset managers. In the end, all individuals who manage assets are money managers, and we are building a suite of products for them.

Careers at Madrone

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