Software Developer (Python)


San Francisco Bay Area


Madrone is a venture capital backed cloud based decision analytics and content management platform for the asset management industry.  The software as a service makes it easy for institutions to leverage public and private data to build better portfolios, businesses, and teams.   We work at the intersection of finance, computer science, and big data. 

We’re an agile team of highly skilled engineers who believe in end-to-end ownership and in getting things done.  We value code quality, test-driven development and continuous integration.  We review each other’s code and welcome feedback to help us grow as a team and as individuals.  We push code to production as early as possible, gather feedback and iterate rapidly. We care about building impactful products that solve real problems.  

Each day we load large amounts of data from a variety of heterogeneous data sources into our PostgreSQL servers.  Our Python analytics stack efficiently crunches this data to discover actionable insights that are then directly surfaced to our clients through our Rails/ReactJS web application.  Internally we leverage RabbitMQ to scale communication between the various applications.  We’re growing rapidly and are looking to scale our platform at all levels.


Enjoy working in a start-up environment building impactful and scalable products based on unique data sets.  You care about how money impacts the world and feel that efficiency and transparency can only make the flow of capital better for all players.  You can lead by example and enjoy the success of a team effort that results in happy customers.  You want to be one of our early engineers that help shape our culture and lay out the technical foundation for the foreseeable future.

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Degree in Computer Science.
  • Full proficiency in Python (minimum 3 years) or other relevant object-oriented programming languages like Ruby, Java, C++.
  • Prior work with quantitative researchers and data scientists. Ability to transform scientific code in Matlab, R, or C into production quality code.
  • Interest in asset management and artificial intelligence.

What's in it for you?

  • Salary + Equity + Benefits: Goal is for everyone to be incentivized for long-term success
  • Growth: Work with a smart team that will stretch you outside your comfort zone to sharpen your skill and advance your knowledge
  • Culture: Build a Lean Startup with seasoned professionals who favor collaboration and communication.
  • Impact: As an early collaborator you’ll be involved in building a unique and impactful product. You’ll also have a voice in technical and product decisions.
  • Flexibility: We work as a team but our culture is to be yourself. Start early or start late, work at home on Tuesday and in the office on Saturday ...we all work to get the job done in our unique way.

How to Apply

Send the following (separate attachments) in .pdf format to

  • Cover letter: include a paragraph on who you are as a programmer. Sample questions you might want to address: What projects have you enjoyed working on? Which have you disliked? What motives you? How would you describe your coding style?
  • Resume: The usual stuff but 2 pages max.